Survival tips for a Wedding Fayre / fair?? oh you know what we mean….!


Hey there! It’s taken us a little while to get our blog going but we’re off the mark - vroom, vroom, whoop! Firstly a big HELLO from us, Alex and Lilah, co-founders and husband/wife team of Hello Tuk Tuk. We hope you enjoy checking in on our Tuk Tuk Life – a helpful and inspirational source for all those who want to create a unique journey of their own.

We’re heading into wedding season by showcasing at some awesome wedding fairs and wanted to help all you brides and grooms with how to tackle them. They can be over whelming, an info overload and tiring – we’ve been there on your side when we got married! So if heading out on the weekend, make sure you leave enough time on a Sunday to get a roast dinner in and all will continue to be well in the world!

We want you to have a positive and productive time so here’s our top tips on how to survive wedding fairs…..

wedfayre to do pic.jpg

1. Shortlist suppliers

Be prepared - A bit cliche we know BUT do your homework, research some of the suppliers, think about how they could fit in with your day and come armed with questions. Having a shortlist will reduce the chance of you wandering aimlessly around and even if you are only at the ideas stage, your shortlist will focus your attention and help hone your wedding ideas. Don’t forget to bring a pen & notebook or to use your phone to jot down useful info - it will help!


2. Say Hello!

Take your time and try to get to know the suppliers - Don’t worry we don’t bite. Have a conversation and find out what each one has to offer, but more importantly find out if you like them! Can you work with them? Do you like their vibe? Personally, we believe in delivering an experience and not just a product so we love getting to know our couples and hearing your stories…remember your suppliers will be getting an invite to your wedding day after all :)

wedding checklist.jpg

3. Let’s discuss colour themes

Share your creative ideas - Wedding professionals are some of the most creative thinkers going, so make sure to share your fab ideas with them. Often they can help (and enjoy!) turning your ideas in to reality and can add that little extra special detail. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

camera and tuk.JPG

4. Get Snapping

Take lots of photos - Open days can often involve a lot of details being thrown at you and sometimes you can come away feeling a bit overwhelmed. Make use of your smartphone and get snapping at details you love and suppliers you want to follow up with. If you like something you see, don’t be shy and take photos. It will help jog your brain once you’ve recovered from the fayre!

emoticon faces.jpg

5. Team happy face!

Get involved - This one is for all the sheepish grooms that tag along. Don’t leave all the enthusiasm to your fiancée, after all it is your big day too! There are many styles of wedding fayres out there from festival to traditional & it is a great chance to sample drinks, food and entertainment. Find one that suits your personalities, roll up your sleeves, set sky sports to record and be involved - it will save on arguments later. Trust us!


6. Drink!

Stay hydrated – Lastly, bring water. Walking around, gathering ideas and checking out suppliers can be thirsty work. There’s usually lots of free samples so make sure you make full use of what’s on offer and top up with H2O. Dry mouth ain’t fun.

We hope the above tips get you both through the wedding fair season and if you are passing through any of the below, make sure you pop by and say hello!

  • Saturday 16 March // Stunning Tents

  • Sunday 17 March // Newbury Race Course // From 10am - Free attendance

  • Saturday 23 March // Timber & Canvas @ Cotswold Field of Dreams // From midday - Contact us for ticket deets

In the meantime, keep up with @hellotuktukltd and our adventures on Instagram and Facebook! Let the good times roll!